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One-time placement, weldable forged lifting padeye.

Carbon Steel Part #CSB

Stainless Steel Part #SSB

  1. Rated at 1 ton
  2. Overall height = 1.65" (42mm)
  3. Purchase your desired quantity
  4. Engineered and certified to meet all ASME BTH-1 categories and classes
  5. A36 carbon steel or 316 stainless steel (other alloys available upon request)
  6. All Padeyes are forged to exacting tolerances. The forged hole is undersized and then a final reaming is done to exact tolerance
  7. All batches have lot number stamped into each part
  8. Working load limit (WLL) is stamped into each part eliminating guesswork on capacity
  9. Minimum weld deposit is stamped into each part according to AWS D1.1 or D14.1
  10. Grade of material is stamped into each part
  11. Built in gauge for minimum weld deposit stamped into each part
  12. All of this is done to protect against mistakes. A quick visual inspection, then start your lift

Visual Inspection Points - Click and drag to rotate padeye