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One-time placement, weldable forged Personal Man Tie-Off padeye. Part #PMTO

The single person Personal Man Tie-Off (PMTO) is designed in accordance with ANSI Z359 and may be used as a personal fall arrest system (PFAS) anchor point, fall restraint anchor or positioning anchor. The PMTO is used to prevent falling from heights in construction or general industry. The PMTO meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 29CFR 1926.502 load rating of up to a 310 pound person or 220 pound solid weight.



When the PMTO is welded to a steel structure, the worker’s lanyard can be attached to the shackle of the anchor point. The anchor may also be used to prevent a variety of tools from falling. The PMTO is rated for up to 220 pound solid weight.


The Padeye Anchor Connector is a small, lightweight and easy to use device which is made of quality grade forged ASTM A36 steel which will withstand the fall impact load. The Padeye Anchor Connector is designed for use with a 1 Ton ASME B30.26 shackle to withstand loading in any direction. This single point anchor system is designed to be used in all cases with an ANSI approved Self Retracting Lanyard (SRL) or energy absorbing lanyard with a Maximum Arresting Force (MAF) of 1,000 pounds.

  1. Engineered anchor point with a Maximum Arrest Force (MAF) of 1,000 pounds is stamped into each part eliminating guesswork on capacity
  2. Rated for up to a 310 pound person
  3. Purchase your desired quantity
  4. Engineered and certified to meet ANSI Z359.12 and OSHA 29CFR 1926.502
  5. A36 carbon steel (other alloys available upon request)
  6. All Padeyes are forged to exacting tolerances. The forged hole is undersized and then a final reaming is done to exact tolerance
  7. All batches have date code stamped into each part
  8. Minimum weld deposit is stamped into each part according to AWS D1.1 or D14.1
  9. Grade of material is stamped into each part
  10. Built in line gauge for minimum weld deposit stamped into each part

How to use the PMTO
The PMTO must only be used under the supervision of a qualified person who is trained in the use of this product in accordance with this literature. In order to meet the requirements of ANSI Z359.12, the PFAS shall have drawings and/ or specifications prepared by or under the direction of an engineer. Only use one PMTO per worker. Use an ANSI approved energy absorbing or self retracting lanyard (SRL) or other ANSI approved products with a MAF of 1,000 pounds. Do not use with any leading edge SRL devices (LESRL) unless authorized by the manufacturer. Prior to each use, the PMTO must be inspected for damage, cracks or other irregularities. This includes verifying that the shackle is securely fastened and swivels freely. Prior to each use, verify that the tag shows a purchase date within two years and that the Padeye anchor has passed the monthly safety inspection. If ANY irregularities are found, do not use the PMTO, take it out of service and notify the responsible safety personnel. If the PMTO is subjected to a drop load, it must be taken out of service and inspected by a qualified person in accordance with OSHA requirements. The qualified person must ensure that the PMTO has been installed, inspected and welded in accordance with AWS D1.1 or AWS D14.1. Ensure the metal attachment and structure are strong enough to sustain an impact load.

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